My Portfolio

This website is my portfolio page and I hope that over time it will grow. I like to show you some of my software projects which I did or I would like to do.

Web development

Right now I am a fan of WordPress. I have known it for a long time but I start to use it since I look at custom WordPress development and its pluggings.

In my heart I am coder and I like discovering new languages and technologies. What I miss the most is some project where I could apply this knowledge. 

GUI Development

Below are my personal projects which I did before. Now when  I have more experiences I will try to update them in the future. I will post some tutorials on the blog page about this projects.

Random numbers Viewer

This is for two (binary) numbers – like shares going up or down, coins heads or tails etc.  This software shows a different kind of combinations in the images. The program shows some basic pattern and shows how the values were created. It shows “all” possible combinations which will be in next round. Predicted next combinations should help with focus on right part of the next combinations.

I programmed it in Java. In the current state it just viewer but I have the plan to include statistic and AI to it (better GUI).

Random Number Viewer
Random Numbers Viewer


CodeMixer is Pseudo-Random One Time Pad encryption software. I already programmed CodeMixer series like hobby about 5 years before. It is my first full program. Since then I discovered some new technics how to improve it and program it in a new way.

I programmed it in C and for GUI I used Win32api (I had the book about Win32api so I used it).


My clients

WordPress Websites & E-commerce

I can develop webpages for you
I can develop webpages for you

Below are my future personal projects which I would like to develop in some future.

Software for decryption

This software main purpose should be decrypted and break easy encryption. It should be for people who want a quick way to find out how strong is some custom made encryption software.

4D-dimension viewer

We live in a 3D world, but if there could be some 4D object how we could see it? Well, thanks to Unity 3D software I can experiment with 3D to 4D simulations.

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