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My aim for this website is to share some of my ideas. I like to show you some of my software projects which I did or I would like to do.

Sorting random numbers ( Kickstarter)

This is for two (binary) numbers – like shares going up or down, coins heads or tails etc. When you transfer this numbers to any other numeral system you will get better result (graphs, statistics, pictures) for your decisions.

New CodeMixer (planning)

CodeMixer is Pseudo-Random One Time Pad encryption software. I already programmed CodeMixer series like hobby about 3 years before. You can see it on my another website. Since then I discovered some new technics how to improve it and program it in a new way.

Software for decryption (planning)

This software main purpose should be decrypt and break easy encryption. It should be for people who want quick way to find out how strong is some custom made encryption software.

4D-dimension viewer (planning)

We live in 3D world, but if there could be some 4D object how we could see it?

There are several stages:

  • planning - it is in a design process
  • pending - raising a money for developing it.
  • creating - creating the software or writing a tutorial how it should work (for very difficult program)
  • releasing - you can download the final software.

When you like to see some of this software projects you are welcome to support it. It will take some time to build this projects, depending on my time and a support I get from you.